The Schools of Banking, Inc. is a non-profit corporation jointly sponsored (owned) by the Kansas and Nebraska Bankers Associations. It also enjoys partnership relationships with more than 10 other State Bankers Associations across the country. The purpose of this organization is to provide occupational education for bankers.

The Schools of Banking is one of a very few regionally cooperative efforts and is unique in its structure as a non-profit subsidiary of the state banking associations. Most state association-sponsored schools are based in the state association itself and serve only that state. The idea for the Schools of Banking was conceived in 1964 as a means of providing cost-efficient, quality education at a regional level. The bankers and state associations involved in the development of Schools of Banking had the foresight to recognize that neither Kansas nor Nebraska by itself would be able to support the schools in terms of the necessary enrollments.

The first School was held in 1965, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Over the past 50+ years, the Schools of Banking has continued to grow, developing schools in various facets of banking, and has educated over 20,000 bankers from twenty-seven states.  In 2019, we are offering fifteen different schools, and will have over 450 attendees.

The very first School of Basic Banking offering in 1965 with over 100 bankers in attendance.
The very first School of Basic Banking offering in 1965 with over 100 bankers in attendance.

Why Schools of Banking?

Gain Confidence

Amanda Rolfs

I’ve been in banking over ten years now, with no experience in banking prior to my job in marketing here. I wish I had taken the Schools of Banking courses much sooner than I did. I had been getting along fine, but since attending the classes I have felt much more informed when I ask questions and have discussions with my teammates.

Amanda Rolfs

Marketing Manager

Central National Bank

Junction City, Kansas

Develop Insight

Brian Hoffart

Graduating from the School of Banking Fundamentals and Advanced School of Banking were huge stepping stones for me.  They not only provided insight to other departments but into the board room and the minds of my mentors and leaders back home.  They also expanded my network of bankers in ways I couldn’t have done otherwise.  To this day, I still refer back to the curriculum and call on former classmates when making tough decisions.  

Brian Hoffart

Business Banker, AVP


Kansas City, MO/Overland Park, KS

Basic & General Banking Advisory Committee Member

Lifelong Contacts

Crystal Rey

I just attended my first Schools of Banking program, the Relationship and Business Development School, and the experience was AMAZING. I was able to network with great people with a high level of knowledge that allowed me to learn from them and take information back to my bank to implement processes to better serve our customers. The instructors were very knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions our group had. The best part of the training was being able to make lifelong contacts. Definitely worth the investment.

Crystal Rey

Teller Supervisor

Astra Bank

Chapman, Kansas