Advanced School of Banking Scholarships

The Kansas Bankers Association and the Nebraska Bankers Association each sponsor a $700 scholarship every year to an outstanding graduate of the School of Banking Fundamentals to attend the Advanced School of Banking program.  These scholarships are awarded in May each year following the School of Banking Fundamentals.

Graduate School of Banking Scholarships

The Schools of Banking awards scholarships (funding provided by each Graduate School) to outstanding graduates of the Advanced School of Banking to attend one of three Graduate Schools of Banking: Graduate School of Banking, Wisconsin 

Graduate School of Banking, Colorado 

Southwestern Graduate School of Banking, Texas

Kansas Trust Division Scholarships

The Kansas Trust Division of the Kansas Bankers Association sponsors a scholarship drawing each year for members who attend our Trust School programs. 

Young Bank Officers of Kansas (YBOK) Scholarship Program

The Young Bank Officers of Kansas  Division of the Kansas Bankers Association has a scholarship drawing at both their Spring and Fall conferences.  These scholarships can be used towards any financial industry educational activity, including attending a Schools of Banking program.