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School of Lending Principles

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The School of Lending Principles is a consumer-based lending school that introduces lenders to real estate, ag, commercial and loan documentation. Attendees learn the theory and process of basic lending and then put this knowledge to work in actual nuts and bolts sessions. 

This School provides basic instruction appropriate for loan officer trainees, loan support personnel and personal bankers. It is recommended that applicants have a minimum of six months lending experience or one year of loan department experience. 


March 2-6, 2020

Grand Island, Nebraska

Registration information will be available for this School by December 1, 2019.

Agricultural Lending Schools

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The Agricultural Lending Schools provide unique opportunities for Ag Lenders to receive in-depth, hands-on training with emphasis on financial analysis, credit scoring, and loan structuring.  

The week-long Agricultural Lending School is an intermediate level School that designed for individuals who have knowledge of agricultural financing as well as knowledge of ratios, cash flows and balance sheet structure.

The Advanced Agricultural Lending School is an invitation only school for Agricultural Lending School graduates.  



July 13-17, 2020

Grand Island, Nebraska

Registration information will be available for this School by January 2, 2020. 

Commercial Lending Schools

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The Commercial Lending Schools have been customized to meet the diverse educational needs of lenders at any level in their careers. Whether students lend to a locally owned small business or a major manufacturer, these Schools allow attendees to refine and expand their lending skills.   

Principles of Commercial Lending School (PCLS) is ideal for individuals who are new to commercial lending or credit analysis. The School provides attendees with the basic skills to be exceptional commercial lenders or credit analysts. 

Commercial Lending School (CLS) is ideal for commercial lenders and credit analysts (or others with equivalent experience at a financial institution) who have at least two years experience in commercial lending and are comfortable with generally accepted accounting principles including ratio calculation and interpretation. 


These schools are offered concurrently during the same week.

October 21-25, 2019

Grand Island, Nebraska


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Principles of Commercial Lending School Schedule

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Commercial Lending School Schedule

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Why Schools of Banking?

Expand Your Skill Set

Dustin Nolan

The week I spent at the School of Lending Principles was the most beneficial training I have attended as a banking professional. The classes covered a broad spectrum of material with speakers that were engaging and very knowledgeable. I also built professional relationships and friendships with fellow attendees that I still stay in contact with. I would highly recommend it for someone looking to expand their skill set. 

Dustin Nolan

Business & Construction Loan Officer

American State Bank & Trust

Wichita, Kansas

Tools You Will Use Daily

Hanna Grotrian

Agricultural Lending School was the best overall experience I have ever had in a course. Between the knowledge gained in the classroom, the practical information learned from the producers panel, and networking with fellow bankers, I would recommend this course and any course hosted by the Schools of Banking. The experience and knowledge gained are utilized nearly every day of my career.

Hanna Grotrian

Credit Analyst

Arbor Bank

Nebraska City, Nebraska


Become More Valuable

Ken Knepper

For anyone working with the business community, the Commercial Lending School provides all the essential elements to becoming a more valuable banker.  Whether it’s the well-structured curriculum or the real-life lending scenarios, I walked away with a far better knowledge of commercial lending that I could put to task, right away.  If you’re a commercial lender, this class is a must-have part of your banking education. 

Ken Knepper

VP/Business Development

The Citizens State Bank

Newton, Kansas

Grow Professional Relationships

Jami Mroczek

The School of Lending Principles not only helped me gain an understanding of the motives that drive a bank’s lending strategy, but I also gained an increased knowledge of the steps and analysis process involved in the various types of lending. The structure of the class allowed us to network with other peers, grow relationships and open lines of communication to utilize for years to come. 

Jami Mroczek

Administrative Assistant

Citizens Bank & Trust Co.

Loup City, Nebraska

Learn From Industry Experts

Lance Tilton

If your goal is to have a career in lending, the Ag and Commercial Lending Schools at Schools of Banking are a must. Learning from industry experts while networking with your peers will go a long way towards achieving your professional goals.

Lance Tilton

AVP - Ag/Commercial Lending

Astra Bank

Chapman, Kansas

Up to Date Resources

Chris Tordrup

The information I gained by attending the Agricultural Lending School and Advanced Ag Lending School has been very valued.  Both schools have provided excellent speakers, as well as resources that give up to date examples and reinforce tips and concepts provided.  I have been able to relate much of the content we covered to better serve our customers.

Chris Tordrup

Loan Officer

Cornerstone Bank

Stromsburg, Nebraska