Trust Schools


School of Trust & Financial Services

 The School of Trust & Financial Services provides trust fundamentals instruction appropriate for:

  • New trust department personnel (a minimum of six months trust experience is suggested)
  • Specialized trust personnel seeking to broaden their knowledge
  • Trust administrative assistants
  • Internal audit staff
  • Bank attorneys and officers entering the trust department
  • Senior management considering establishing or re-emphasizing a trust department
  • Experienced trust professionals desiring to update their trust knowledge and skills

Advanced Trust Schools

 Attendance at the Advanced Trust School is ideal for:

  • Graduates of the School of Trust & Financial Services
  • Trust professionals who have a minimum of four years of progressive trust experience
  • Trust personnel from all sizes of banks and trust companies


These Schools are offered concurrently in odd-numbered years only.

School of Trust & Financial Services (STFS)

August 23 - 27, 2021

Bluemont Hotel - Manhattan, Kansas

Advanced Trust School (ATS)

August 24 - 26, 2021

Bluemont Hotel - Manhattan, Kansas 

Why Schools of Banking?

Professional Development Opportunities

Dustin Walters

I found the Schools of Banking classes extremely beneficial, in both a professional nature and in the information presented. They made such an impact on me that I now serve as a Schools of Banking Advisory Committee Member. I appreciate the opportunity my bank provided me to attend these classes and highly recommend them to other banking professionals. 

Dustin Walters

Assistant Vice President

Security National Bank

Omaha, Nebraska

Basic & General Banking

Advisory Committee Member

First Class Instructors & Content

Todd Kramer

As a bank employee entering the area of trust administration nearly 15 years ago, the Schools of Banking provided a great starting point for education in this area. To this day, trust administration is where I remain in large part to my experiences with Schools of Banking. The curriculum offered, class instructors and Schools of Banking staff are second to none. In addition to classroom knowledge, school participants are offered a great opportunity to network and learn from peers providing additional value. 

I would encourage any bank manager or employee searching for bank-related educational opportunities to consider the Schools of Banking.  A wide variety of educational opportunities are offered at various locations and times. With the amount of change our industry faces each year, the Schools of Banking provides a convenient, affordable way to maintain an educated staff.


Todd Kramer, CTFA

Vice President - Trust & Retail Investments

Cornerstone Bank

Albion, Nebraska

2018-19 Advisory Trust Committee Chair  

Discover Your Passion

Perry Haralson

I attribute a lot of my success and career opportunities to the skills I learned and the networking opportunities from the Schools of Banking.  As a student, I learned so much from the instructors and was able to dive into subjects I hadn’t been exposed to previously.  This led me to discovering my passions within the banking industry and opened up doors for opportunities and friends for life.  The Schools of Banking enhanced my career and knowledge of banking beyond my original expectations.  

Perry Haralson

CFO/Director of Compliance

Cornhusker Bank

Lincoln, Nebraska

Faculty Member Since 2015