We provide cost-effective skills-based training for banking professionals.  We are passionate about banker education.  We hope to see you at one of our schools soon!

Why Schools of Banking?

Superior Student Experience

Zac Hoppes

As a graduate of three different schools, and now as a committee member, I have had some connection to the Schools of Banking my entire banking career. I transitioned to banking without any formal finance/business education.  Looking back, I realize what a positive impact the Schools staff, faculty, and curriculum has had on my development as a banker.  Now, because of my committee involvement, I understand the positive impact on students isn’t an accident.  The staff and faculty of the Schools of Banking work diligently to exceed the expectations of nominating officers and provide a superior student experience. 

Zac Hoppes

Senior Vice President

Farmers State Bank

McPherson, Kansas

Lending Advisory Committee (LAC) 2018-19 Chair

Immediate Impact

Chris Donnelly

Bank of the Prairie has been very pleased with the training our employees get at the Schools of Banking. Our employees always gain valuable, usable knowledge at the schools they attend and they are able to come back to the bank and immediately deploy what they learned. We will continue to utilize Schools of Banking for our future training and education needs.  

Chris Donnelly


Bank of the Prairie

Olathe, Kansas

Schools of Banking Board of Directors 


Learn From Industry Leaders

Matthew Brase

The instructors, administrators and staff at the Schools of Banking provide an experience second to none.  Relevant material is presented in an effectively structured program, allowing students to enhance understanding through discussion, real-world case studies, and projects aimed at applying taught material directly to YOUR bank. 

Knowledgeable faculty is not only available to guide you through the program, but also there to help you as situations arise post-graduation. The opportunity to build relationships with such a large array of current and future industry leaders is invaluable.  

Matthew Brase

AVP - Financial Operations Officer

Cornhusker Bank

Lincoln, Nebraska